Hinshaw WU
Hinshaw Warm Up
Warming up – Hips and Lower body:
high-knee karaoke,
over the hurdle,
knee to chest,
figure four

Warming up – Torso and Upper body:
lunge with a torso twist,
toe touch,
high knees, (slowly Lean & slowly come across)
butt kicks,
straight leg,
sidestep and sidestep jumping jack.

Warming up – the upper body:
sitting arm swings
tanding arm swings.

Warming up – knees and ankles:
toes-out walk,
toes-in walk,
walk on heels,
walk on toes,
walk on outside of foot,
walk on inside of foot.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
3 Sets
15/12 Cal Row
200m Run
15/12 Cal Row
200m Run
15/12 Cal Row

*New set every 12:00

Sub- Ski for row if needed